ONIX 2.1 and ONIX 3.0

Bibliographic Metadata US/Global: Comprehensive feed of all print books published globally. Delivered in industry standard ONIX formats.

Pipe Delimited

Comprehensive feed of all print books published globally. The Bibliographic File is comprised of up to 164 fields that describe the essential bibliographic information such as subject, pricing, and availability of each title.

eBook Metadata

Comprehensive bibliographic data with extensive fields covering all markets.

Audiobook Metadata

Bibliographic Data on over a million Audiobooks.

Publisher Authority Data

The Publisher Authority File contains company names, addresses, ISBN prefixes, URLs and contact information for publishers, imprints, agents, distributors and wholesalers listed in the Bibliographic File.

Cover Images

400x400 JPEGs. Each image is named with the ISBN 13 using the extension.jpg. (example: 9780123456789.jpg)

Annotations (Descriptions)

The Annotations File delivers publisher supplied descriptive material (Descriptions, Biographical material, Author Comments, Review Quotes, etc.) pertaining to each record in a text only format.

Table of Contents

The Table of Contents file identifies each Table of Contents by ISBN and source, and provides a structured Table of Contents in a tagged, XML format.

First Chapters

The First Chapters/Excerpts File provides detailed information about the chapter text. Chapter information is set in HTML format.

Author Biographies

The Author Biographies file provides all individual contributor biographies and identifies the source of each biography.

Award Citations

The Awards Citations File provides a list of awards received by a product including the name of the award, the country the award was issued, the year the award was issued, and URL of the award website with additional information on the award.

Book Profiles

Profiles provide extra keyword descriptors, such as genre and sub-genre, topic, main characters and character traits, geographic and non-geographic settings, time periods, and series/sequel information for both Fiction and Non-Fiction titles.

Review Citations

Provides information about each Review, including Review Source, Recommendation and Date. It does not include the Review Text.

Resources for College Libraries

A subset of the Books In Print bibliographic metadata, with titles curated by Academic subject matter experts, and considered to be core to 2 and 4 year Colleges and Universities.

Series Metadata

Derived from ProQuest's Syndetic Solutions. This is a MARC file.

Media Mentions

The Media Mentions File provides detailed information about the publication or program the record was discussed in and date mentioned. Sources including Oprah Winfrey, Good Morning America and NPR.

Bestseller Lists

The Detailed Bestseller Citation File contains Bestseller Citations from The New York Times and Publisher's Weekly. It includes the source publication, list categories, the dates on which the record was listed as a bestseller, and the position of the record in the bestseller list Over 100 Years of Bestsellers, a Publisher's Weekly List. Commentaries from 1895 to current. There are lists for the top 10-15 fiction and non-fiction titles for each year.

100 Years of Bestsellers Delimited:
NYT/PW Delimited:
Bestseller Citation Sample: